"Helping You Move Beyond Your Pain"

- Meredy Parker

I tell people Six-to-eight months after giving birth, I was surprised to still be experiencing excruciating vaginal pain, particularly during intercourse. My OB informed me during an exam that my birth tear/stitches and scarring had healed too tightly and that physical therapy was recommended to ease my discomfort. I had no idea pelvic floor/post-labor physical therapists even existed, let alone that I would have to go through something like this. It sounded scary and invasive. I confided in a friend that I needed to explore physical therapy options and she recommended Meredy Parker with glowing feedback – she had gone for successful treatment of her own post-birth recovery issues. I made my first visit and was pleasantly surprised by how warm, welcoming and comfortable Meredy made me feel. She completely understands that pelvic floor therapy can be embarrassing for patients and has excellent bedside manner. I felt like I was talking with a friend during my appointments and my uneasiness about why I was there slipped away. Through my treatments and at-home exercises, my pain began to subside. I really looked forward to my visits, which helped me feel like myself again.

Beck O.

Chicago, IL

I didn't know what to expect when going looking for a provider for post-partum physical therapy, but I feel really lucky to have found Meredy. She really listened to my needs and reassured me about what PT could do for my condition. Her knowledge of the human body is profound and she is not only a medical professional, but clearly has a passion for her work. To me, that's a rarity to find. She didn't rest getting to the root of my discomfort, and honestly, I'm healthier having been in her care.


Chicago, IL

Jaime Trachtenberg is a skilled, attentive physical therapist to whom I owe my recovery from a very traumatic fracture. Her expertise and vibrant energy made a painful process substantially less painful. I'm so grateful to the clinic and everything they've done to aid in my healing.

Chloe P.

Chicago, IL

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