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Why Refer a Patient for Physical Therapy?



For Orthopedic conditions:


  •      Fractures

  •      Acute disc injury

  •      Spinal Stenosis

  •      Adolescent Sports Injuries and Prevention Programs

  •      Running Injuries

  •      Overuse Injuries

  •      Hip Labral Tears (surgical and non-surgical)

  •      Total Joint Replacements

  •      Tendonitis



​Pain (or NOT) During & After Pregnancy:


Post-partum woman can greatly benefit from a physical therapy screening even if not complaining of pain.


  • Women may suffer from joint or muscle pain, sciatica or back pain, excessive swelling, tailbone pain or injury

  • Hormonal changes can cause the spine and SI joint to move excessively causing pain and joint mal-alignments

  • Most women get confused about how to start strengthening the abdominal wall after delivery and can benefit from specific guidance by a professional

  • Treatment goals: To alleviate pain, create pelvic and trunk stability that is lost during and after pregnancy in order to optimize function and get you back to doing what you love- pain free! Teach safe body mechanics to protect the back during your daily activities and with breast feeding, and learn unique exercises to assist with an easier labor and delivery.

  • Bed Rest: Special arrangements can be made for home visits by your Physical Therapist during bedrest of special restrictions  or newly post-partum

  • Address urinary or fecal incontinence associated with delivery

  • Address painful perineal tears or episiotomy scars

  • Any patient that is not sure she’s performing a Kegel correctly

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse



For Osteoporosis & Prevention:



  • Customized weight bearing exercises designed to lower the risk of breaking bones and designed to meet your lifestyle. 



After Abdominal Surgery:


  • Includes hysterectomy, hernia repair, cesarean section, removal of ovarian cysts, and cosmetic surgery.

  • Treatment goals: Improve posture associated with weak muscles, improve quality of movement with walking and reaching for objects overhead, and alleviate pain associated with scar tissue.



​​Post-Cesarean section rehabilitation:



  • ALL C-section Moms can benefit from at least 2 sessions for scar work, PFM check, and spine/SI joint re-alignment. Very gentle work can begin as soon as a week or two after delivery if the patient’s midwife or physician approves.  


  • If you CAN’T WALK after delivery (or before) = NOT NORMAL: Likely has symphysis pubis dysfunction and all the massage in the world will not get them better.  This client needs to be manually ALIGNED! They likely will also need to be temporarily braced. We supply specialized support braces for Pubic Symphysis separations and other joint instabilities.



​Diastasis Rectus Abdominis:


  • A post-partum abdominal wall assessment is helpful in optimizing the women’s ability to care for her baby without developing some of the above issues. Correcting the DRA properly is very related to the ability to isolate the PFM and transverses abdominis (TrA) which is NOT something taught without doing an internal exam!



​​Rectal or Coccyx Pain:


  • “trouble sitting or changing positions”

  • Delivery coccyx fractures or injuries



Interstitial Cystitis/ Painful Bladder Syndrome/Frequency Urgency Syndrome:


  • Patient might present with repeat signs and symptoms of UTI with negative culture= likely has Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction


Painful or immobile scars:



  • abdominal, perineal, or rectal, hips, legs, back even from surgeries years prior can be helped by physical therapy



Our Clinic Specializes in Women's health, Sports and Orthopedics


We are conveniently located in Lakeview at 3717 N Ravenswood near the CTA Brown Line at Addison. 


When you refer a patient to Chicago Physical Therapists know that we are committed to providing each patient with the utmost standard of care.  We are happy to follow up with you regarding the patients progress.  


Our practitioners are skilled in manual therapy techniques and use the most current, evidence-based practice to help restore function and eliminate pain.  Our training combined with the personal attention we give to our patients has yielded superior results and a better overall patient experience.


  • We will develop a hands-on, individualized treatment approach specifically for you.

  • We will work one-on-one with you at each session for a full hour.

  • We regularly collaborate with area practitioners (specialized physicians, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nutritionists, and CNM) to offer you an innovative, holistic approach that gives you the best chance at complete resolution of your complaint.

  • We practice in a professional but relaxed, family-friendly environment.  









We are an in-network with Blue-Cross/Blue-Shield PPO as well as BCBS Choice plans but will work with any insurance. If your patient’s plan is BCBS PPO or Choice, we will bill insurance directly and only charge a co-pay if applicable once insurance pays us. We take payment up-front for out-of-network policies (Aetna, United HC, Humana etc) but submit the claims to the patient’s insurance as a courtesy.


Depending on the plan, your patient will likely receive partial reimbursement. We are happy to help your patient determine benefits if they call our clinic. Please also refer them to ChicagoPhysicalTherapists.com to read the insurance information.




For Medicare, our clinic is a Non-Participating MC Provider. We take payment up front and then bill Medicare. Medicare typically reimburses the patient at a good rate (typically 85-90%), especially if they have a supplemental plan. The patient can call MC or call us to help clarify costs and benefits.